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11 A.M. - 8 P.M.



summer hours

(june - july 2017)

thurs - sat

11 A.M. - 5:30 P.M.

706 208 - 0010




It is about time that the woman who single handedly changed how Athens
drinks and buys wine has her own shop.

There is a fabulous new wine and gourmet food shop
in the 'hood. Be sure to check out Shiraz in the Leathers Building on
Pulaski. The wines are unusual, prices are reasonable, the staff is highly knowledgeable (and unpretentious), the parking is ample and easy, and the ambiance is beautiful. They offer wine tastings on Saturday afternoons if you need a weekend diversion.

You are the first place we recommend (and will continue to be) when people are looking for a good place to buy wine.

What is the wine club and how may we join?  We have stopped by the last few Saturdays and we love your wines and 'spirit.'

Your product and efforts for the party were fabulous.  Thanks again so much for your support, insight, style and delivery of good product for this very special event in my families lives.

Thanks for the help for last Saturday.  We had a great evening and everybody thought the Zinfandel was a perfect match with the food.  Not that the other wines you recommended were not also wonderful with the dinner.  As someone wrote us afterward:  "every wine was a great pairing and such smooth flavors".   There are few who would have gone out their way as you did.  Thanks again for the help -- we appreciated it very much.


Emily – THANK YOU SO MUCH!  I don’t know anyone who would have put such thought and care into making the wine selection just right (in both cost and choice).

Thanks for your usual upbeat assistance.

Just wanted to let you know that we have eaten well and drunk some fantastic wines since we saw you!  Your food suggestions were right on!  We try to limit a half bottle per meal--Hard to do when the wines are so good!  Thanks for all your good advice - we are looking forward to next months wine club selection!

I was in one of Jim Okey's wine and food classes a couple of weeks ago and you did the pairings for the evening. The wines were perfect; They really complimented the foods.

Thanks for the wonderful tasting, great wine and good atmosphere. I have been telling all my friends about ya'll. Thanks again and we look forward to further events.


We wanted to thank you again for contacting us about the wine dinner on Tuesday. We had an absolutely wonderful evening. Thank you for reserving a special place for us. It was our first real date in years.

You are so friendly and helpful and /extremely/ knowledgeable -  you
go girls!! You had two real winners this week. That steak reminded me of the best sirloin I ever had, which was at Sparks Steak House in New York. It was as tender as a filet but far more flavorful and very little fat. This afternoon I prepared the crab cakes for cooking tonight and couldn't resist tasting. I can tell they will be wonderful. I hope you will get both of these items again!

I just love your imagination and discriminating tastebuds. All of the UGA folks will be indebted to you for your key role in making this a success!

You did a wonderful job of putting the trip together--we all had a blast and it was something I will never forget. Thank you and hope to see you soon!!

We had a great time Saturday.  The trip was so much fun. The wine, the food and the group we went with were great.  You all did such a wonderful job of planning every little detail.  We will go again.

We had a great time!  Thanks for “selling” us on the idea.  We hope that you do it again some time soon.

One of the ladies invited asked them about your store.  She said everybody just raved over it and told her that events there were the "in" thing

The party was perfect! People are still telling us how much they enjoyed the atmosphere, the food and wine, your graciousness and hospitality...everything! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you so much for everything you did last week to make my tasting
the big success that it was!  Everything was wonderful and all of
Washington is still talking about it.

Thank you again for providing such a lovely spot for my birthday party.  People are still talking about what a great place Shiraz is for a "do".

I wanted to personally thank you for all of your efforts in making the dinner a great success.  It turned out beautifully, and such result was, in large part, a product of your efforts.   Your wine selections were great, and your store was a wonderful site for the event.   Again, thanks.