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11 A.M. - 8 P.M.



summer hours

(june - july 2017)

thurs - sat

11 A.M. - 5:30 P.M.

706 208 - 0010

Artisanal Cheeses Back to the Main List

Alpine Maid Smoked Swiss 6.00
Beecher's Marco Polo 7.00
For you pepper-fiends. Black and green spice. Yummy! (Washington)
Beehive Seahive 9.00
Cheddar rubbed with salt and honey (Utah)
Belle Chevre Greek Kiss 11.00
Buckhead Valley Colby Jack 6.00
Cabot Cheddar Tuscan Crust 6.00
Cabot Vintage Choice Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese 6.00
white, dry and with a lovely, light bite (Vermont)
Cappiello Zesty Marinated Mozzarella 8.00
Creamy and luscious, with a spicy kick (New York)
Carr Valley Fontina 6.00
An Alpine staple: with fruit or salami - or Melt it!! (Wisconsin)
Cowgirl Creamery Red Hawk 19.00
Cypress Grove Chevre, Assorted 6.00
Cypress Grove Lamb Chopper 11.00
Firm sheep milk cheese that craves fruit or jam (California)
Ellsworth White Cheddar Curds 6.00
Greendale Bellissimo Blue 8.00
Smooth, earthy and buttery blue (Georgia)
Greendale Farm Gruyere 6.00
Monsieur! Nutty and melt-able (Georgia)
greendale farm mille fleur 6.00
like inhaling a french herb garden
greendale farm peach mead gouda 6.00
tastes like happiness. . . and booze!
Greendale Farm Tomme 6.00
French farmstead type mild cheese (Georgia)
Jasper Hill Farms Cabot Clothbound Cheddar 9.00
Wow! So dry and crumbly it's almost Parmesan! (Vermont)
Lifetime Sharp Cheddar Fat Free! 5.00
creamy, smooth- and NO FAT!! (California)
Maplebrook Farm Burrata 10.00
Cream-filled Mozzarella. . . hello?? (Vermont)
palmetto pimento cheese with jalapenos 6.00
our favorite spicy pimento cheese, made in south carolina
palmetto pimento cheese, original 6.00
Point Reyes Blue Cheese 9.00
Rio Briata Provolone 8.00
Rogue Cheddar Chocolate Stout 11.00
Rogue Creamery Blue Heaven 12.00
Blue Cheese Powder
Rogue Oregonzola Gorgonzola 9.00
Stella Asiago Shreds 5.00
Sweetgrass Green Hill 12.00
Soft Ripened Cow Cheese. Top with jam - move over, Camembert (Georgia)
Vermont Butter and Cheese Bijou 9.00
Vermont Butter and Cheese Bonne Bouche 9.00
My favorite! Ashed ripened goat (Vermont)
Vermont Butter and Cheese Creamy Goat 4.00
spreadable, it works as a dip - or in potatoes (Vermont)
Vermont Butter and Cheese Creme Fraiche 5.00
Vermont Butter and Cheese Cremont 9.00
Better than Butter! Cow+Goat=Happy! (Vermont)
Vermont Butter and Cheese Pepper Chevre 4.00
Very fresh and tangy. Try NOT to love it! (Vermont)
Vermont Butter and Cheese Quark 4.00
Vermont Farmstead Ale Cheddar 9.00
If cheese were a man cave...! (Vermont)