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11 A.M. - 8 P.M.



summer hours

(june - july 2017)

thurs - sat

11 A.M. - 5:30 P.M.

706 208 - 0010

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21st Amendment Fireside Chat 6 pk 10.00
abita andygator 750 5.00
Formerly brewery-only, this Helles Doppelbock is a high gravity German lager. Fruity but fresh, like a Belgian Tripel with a grassy finish. Very crisp and easy-drinking for 8% alcohol. Session with caution!.
abita strawberry harvest lager 6pk 9.00
With Pilsner and Wheat hops plus real strawberry juice, this is super light and refreshing. Juicy fruit balanced by fresh acidity, this is Abita’s most popular seasonal for good reason. The best lawnmower beer EVER . Extremely limited.
Ace Hard Cider Apple 6 pk 10.00
Ace Hard Cider Pumpkin 6 pk 10.00
ayinger celebrator dopplebock 4pk 12.00
Bells Java Stout 6pk 15.00
bells special double cream stout 6pk 11.00
Unusual because cream stout usually has lactose acid added. This beer smells like a milkshake! It’s very rich and heavy, with a bit of chicory added to the ultra-chocolatey flavor. 99 points on Rate Beer show another win for Bell’s.
boulevard double wide ipa 4pk 11.00
cisco grey lady 6pk 9.00
This beer has so much refreshing flavor! Hints of coriander, lemon peel, orange zest, grains of paradise, and chamomile tea make a big yet elegant impact. flavorful yet smooth, it is a sessionable 4.5% beer.
cisco summer of lager 6pk 9.00
A great quencher for the August heat, its also a lovely pairing for any light foods (picnic, anyone?). It's toasty, clean, and citrusy. And because Cisco comes in cans, it's easy to take anywhere.
clown shoes clementine 1.5 750 6.00
Tangerine, apricot, and eucalyptus notes come through on a juicy, lightly creamy glass. The finish is crisp and fruity, and it is clean and fresh, and super easy to drink for 8% ABV. Great with spicy or grilled food—or with warm weather.
clown shoes miracle ipa 750 6.00
Full, ripe IPA with bold citrus and piney notes on the finish. Refreshing and dry, it is sunshine gold color and deep sunny flavor with a hint of grass. Try it with shellfish or pasta.
delirium noel 4pk 24.00
Dogfish Head Pumpkin Ale 4 pk 9.00
dogfish head rhizing bines 750 11.00
finchs cutthroat pale ale 4pk 8.00
finchs facist pig ale 4pk 11.00
A double red ale, this beer is summed up with the word "heft". Big caramel malts and rye--and you can taste the 8% alcohol. Red fruit, bitter citrus, and spice accent a full, creamy finish.
finchs secret stache stout 4pk 11.00
A vanilla milk stout, this beer is smooth and robust at the same time. Huge and juicy, it has licorice, chocolate, malt and an intense vanilla bean flavor. Try it with barbecue. 99=Beer Rating
finchs threadless ipa 4pk 8.00
founders breakfast stout 4pk 10.00
green flash hop head red 4pk 10.00
guinness 4 pk 8.00
The original! Do I really need to describe this stout to my Irish friends?
Harpoon IPA 6 pk 9.00
Harpoon Oktoberfest 6 pk 9.00
heavy seas loose cannon ipa 6pk 10.00
heavy seas marzen 6pk 10.00
Heavy Seas Red Sky at Night Saison 6 pk 10.00
heineken 6pk 8.00
Innis & Gunn Original 4 pk 11.00
Lagunitas Lil Sumpin Sumpin 6 pk 11.00
Lagunitas Lil Sumpin Wild 6 pk 11.00
Lagunitas Pils 6 pk 10.00
monday night brewing drafty kilt scotch ale 6 pk 10.00
Monday Night Brewing Fu Manbrew Belgian-Style Wit 6pk 10.00
A very unique beer, it is a soft wheat beer made super crisp and spicy by the addition of ginger. Hints of clove and flower add to the zip.
mother earth dark cloud 6pk 10.00
Mother Earth’s first beer, the style dates back to the 1700s. The nose is caramel and smoke, like a Marzen, but the taste is dry, with chocolate and citrus balancing the refined, smooth beer. It IS a Lager—don’t let the dark color fool you. Great with a burger and fries!
new belgium kick pumpkin cranberry 6 pack 10.00
new belgium rampant imperial ipa 6 pack 10.00
ommegang hennepin saison 4pk 8.00
red brick black eye rye 4pk 11.00
The newest in their limited release series: it’s American style India Black Ale. An intense, chicory-laced beer, it has a nice bite from the Citra hops and rye added. Not overwhelmingly heavy, it is a great beer for a spring BBQ, steaks, or aged goat cheese.
rogue chipotle ale 750 8.00
The addition of peppers gives an interesting twist to this super savory beer. It is smooth and not too hot. Nice and smoky, it’s crisp on the finish. Great with tacos; Try it with macaroni and cheese!
rogue dead guy ale 6pk 12.00
German Maibock in style, it Rogue’s signature beer, it is floral, fruity, and dry. It has some heft and malt on the backbone. It’s excellent with heavy or fried food, or with seafood in cream sauce
rogue hazelnut brown nectar 6pk 12.00
So smooth and toasty that it is almost sweet--but stays mellow and sasparilla-like. It’s made with Oregon Hazelnuts for smoothness. Try it with beef, pork, or root veggies.
rogue roguenbier rye ale 750 8.00
“Farms” on the label means the hops and malts are actually grown by Rogue. The Rye is extremely dry and nutty. There’s enough crisp character on the finish to wash away the spice.
samuel smith organic chocolate stout 4pk 10.00
A different variety of stout, this is sweeter in the sense it tastes like a chocolate bar is melted into the beer. Theobroma cacao nibs add an extension of beautiful flavor for the serious beer-lover
samuel smith organic lager 4pk 11.00
Schlenkerla Rauchbier Marzen 500ml 5.00
Beer with smoked malts—and you can really smell the bonfire! It has a smokehouse/ roasted meat quality to the nose. The beer itself is a lager, so it isn’t as heavy as the nose, with a smooth carob, chicory note on the finish.
Smuttynose Robust Porter 6 pk 10.00
southern tier backburner barley wine 1 7.00
southern tier chokolat stout 1 8.00
southern tier jahva stout 1 8.00
terrapin hop karma india brown 4pk 8.00
terrapin moo hoo 4pk 8.00
Terrapin Recreation Ale 12 pk 15.00
terrapin rye pale ale 6pk 8.00
Terrapin Tree Hugger Ale 6 pk 8.00
Treehugger was the brewery’s response to requests for a less hoppy Terrapin offering. It’s an Amber Ale with a nice malt and hop balance, a much more sessionable than most of their beers. Smooth and balanced, it has light notes of both caramel and citrus.
terrapin wake and bake 4 pk 11.00
victoria 12pk 15.00
victory golden monkey 6pk 12.00
wild heaven invocation belgian golden 4pk 9.00
wild heaven ode to mercy 4pk 9.00